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Overview : SMC 12th edition was held at IIT Patna campus on 13/14th Oct, 2018 in association with IIT Patna. The keynote address was delivered by Mr. Sushil Modi after the welcome speech by Dr. Mayank Tiwari on behalf of director IIT Patna. Eminent speakers shared their knowledge interactively with attendees and workshops were held in parallel tracks. About 30 one on one sessions were held with the registered participants. 10 startups were selected for the SMC Select session from a list of 20 aspirants and three were declared winners of the same.

Some Statistics

No. of Enthusiasts participated      : 300

No. of Speakers / Panelists            : 35

No. of Investors Participated          : 8

No. of Workshops Held                   : 5

No. of one-on-one sessions            : 30

No. of Participants in SMC Select   : 20

SMC Select Winners

Top 3
  1. Bionic Hope
  2. JK India Digital
  3. Urinalytics
Rest of Winners (in no order)
  1. Musk
  2. E.G. Biolabs
  3. Jan-Dhan
  4. Ignis Careers
  5. Village Energy Center
  6. Biofuel Solutions
  7. TechProLabz


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