♦  Who should attend this event?

Any person who is a startup enthusiast should attend the event. Whether you are thinking of an idea and want to develop it further, or you are looking for Series C funding, the event will be useful to you.

♦ What am I Paying for?

The ticket entitles you to attend all sessions including workshops. You can register for one on one sessions and participate in SMC Select also, without any further payment. It includes lunch and tea also.

♦ For one on one session, is it necessary for me to have already established a startup?

No. You may like to validate your idea and plan for the way forward with the help of a mentor or investor. If you already are working on a startup, you can discuss with a investor or mentor to get ideas on a issue of your interest.

♦ What is the duration of One on One Session?

The duration depends upon the mutual interest of both parties but normally it may last between 5 to ten minutes. Plus it depends upon the demand and time available of the expert.

♦ What is the criterion for allocation of one on one session?

Normally it is first come first serve basis. Since it is totally volunteer driven, the time availability of a specific experts can not be guaranteed despite their upfront commitment. This is managed dynamically and organizers decision will be final.

♦ How is the selection for SMC Select done?

A panel of experts go thru each presentation. Each startup is evaluated against a set of criterion and marks given for that by the panel members. The decision of the panel is final and binding.

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